We're Taking the Plunge...& Inviting You!

Our first Cal-Sag Plunge in 2016 was invite only—this year, we're inviting everyone!

It began like this: at a business meeting in January 2016, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District director David St. Pierre told the audience that the Cal-Sag water was clean enough to swim in. When that elicited some chuckles, Director St. Pierre upped the ante: "If I have to jump in to make you believe me, I'll do it."

Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail asked the director to put his swim trunks where his mouth was that August, AND HE DID. Thanks to Director St. Pierre and all the Plungers who stepped up to jump in, the 2016 Cal-Sag Plunge raised more than $18,000 for the Cal-Sag Trail.

We've got big news for 2017: Our inaugural Plunge in 2016 was invite only. This year, we're inviting YOU—ALL OF YOU—to take the Plunge for the Cal-Sag Trail!

For 2017, any adult who raises $1500 in sponsorship for their Cal-Sag Plunge gets a seat on the boat with us June 3, 2017 in beautiful Blue Island to jump feet first, head first, belly-slapping first—your plunge, your choice—into the Cal-Sag Channel.

To Join the Plunge:

  • Click the Join the Plunge button at the top of this page
  • Set up your page—it's easy! You can use the text & photos provided, or create your own message
  • Share with your friends, your family, your bitter rivals who'd do anything to see you jump in, including donate to a good cause
  • Raise $1500 or more and earn your plunge (and a commemorative shirt)
  • Raise the most in sponsorships of any Plunger, and you could be crowned King or Queen Plunger! 

To Sponsor a Plunger:

  • Scroll down and choose the Plunger whom you most want to see plunge into the Cal-Sag 
  • Click their photo to contribute to their plunge. You may sponsor more than one Plunger!
  • Pledge your amount (credit card or PayPal)
  • Share with your friends and coworkers and ask them to pledge too
  • Bring everybody to the party on June 3 and cheer the plunge!

Can't decide whom to sponsor? You can hit the donate button on this page and make a general donation to the Cal-Sag Trail.

See more of the awesome 2016 Cal-Sag Plunge pics at http://flickr.com/calsagtrail. Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Contributions may be tax deductible; check your state and local laws.


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